Restoration and upholstery

Vampt’s restoration team works exceptionally hard to ensure all furniture is restored and upholstered to a high-quality standard. Services include:

  • Structural assessment and strengthening (if necessary)
  • Applying wood finishes (oil, lacquer, soap, polish)
  • Fixing dents and scratches
  • Selecting and ordering fabric
  • Organising upholstery
  • Replacing foam, straps, and other cushioning materials

Vampt outsources work to upholsterers and other specialists when necessary. Where possible and/or appropriate, Vampt source materials from Denmark to ensure the original integrity of the furniture.


Styling, staging and product hire

Vampt offers flexible and affordable product hire and styling services for residential homes, commercial offices, retail spaces, photography shoots, films, commercials, television, and theatre. Visit a Vampt showroom, view the collection online, or send us a brief. Our expert stylists will work with you to select furniture and furnishings that create just the setting and atmosphere you need.



Furniture delivery can be arranged. Please email for a quote.  

Buying furniture

If you have furniture to sell, Vampt will consider buying pieces that are:

Original and genuine – no replicas

Designed and produced between 1940 and 1970

Rare, unique, or exceptional

Please email pictures to and your furniture will be taken into consideration. Please include your phone number and address.