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The Vampt Team

Maxine and Dave

Vampt Vintage Design evolved out of Dave and Maxine’s love affair not just with each other, but for quality vintage design. Shortly after meeting in 2000, Dave – a self-employed electrician – and Maxine – a seasoned traveller – started Vampt Lampz in their spare room where they designed lampshades and restored vintage lamps.

As Dave and Maxine spread their wings and began sourcing local furniture the business grew into Vampt Retro n Deco. And as they extended their scope further abroad, Vampt Vintage Design came into being, offering the best and rarest pieces of mid-century furniture. Indeed, with their drive to make the design classics available to those who appreciate authenticity – and with a belief in the value of investing in furniture for a sustainable future – Dave and Maxine’s passion transformed Vampt into one of Australia’s vintage specialists.