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Vampt Vintage has been working closely with Marcus Lloyd-Jones, Principal and founder of Modern House Real Estate in Sydney’s Northern Beaches, to style some of Modern Houses’, well, modern houses.

Modern House is a leading real estate agent of modern architecture. Like the team at Vampt, Marcus is inspired by, passionate about, and an advocate of the preservation of mid-century design. Every house his company represents is beaming with architectural merit, be it an original mid-century home, a creative adaptation by a now-renowned architect, or the contemporary work of an architect whose star is rising.
For Marcus, an architect-designed home is a wise investment, in the same way that Vampt values genuine vintage furniture as a sound investment. Both are built to go the distance, and both are carefully crafted and designed to enhance the life of its users and their surroundings.
So, if architecture and design are about how they make us feel, you can be sure that you’ll have feelings when you walk into any of Modern Houses’ homes styled with Vampt Vintage furniture.