Jørgen and Ib Rasmussen Kevi chair


The Kevi chair is a Danish design icon and is recognised as one of the first office chairs to offer both comfort and moveability. Twin brothers and architects Ib and Jørgen Rasmussen designed it as a company chair for KEVI A/S in 1958. More than 2.5 million chairs have been produced since that time as it meets the demands of busy work environments and the need for ergonomic design.

The Rasmussen brothers designed the chair with the concept that everything be visible and nothing be superfluous. The result? A chair with clean and light design, aesthetic appeal, and easy functionality.

In 1965 Jørgen invented the ?twin-wheel castor? that meant the chair could move even more easily and freely. Many believe that there is still no better wheel for chairs and it has since been used by Bang & Olufsen, Philips, IKEA, and many more product manufacturers. The Kevi castor has even been added to the list of the twelve most important design and craftwork pieces of Danish culture.

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