Texas Ware Melmac Houndstooth Dinner Set

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Melamine was introduced in the 1930´s, but didn´t become popular with the public until after WWII. Texas Ware was made from 1946 until 1996 by Plastic Manufacturing Co. (PMC) of Oak Cliff, Texas. PMC was the world´s largest maker of molded melamine dishware from 1957 through 1996, and its innovations included the first two-color melamine pieces and stacking drink tumblers. Also notable are the Texas Ware multicolored mixing bowls, called spatter, splatter or speckle ware, which the company made as a means of using up surplus or reject plastic.

This is a dinnerware setting that includes 66 pieces, including 2 oval platters,16 dinner plates, 17 bread & butter plates, 2 serving bowls, 7 cereal bowls, 14 cups & 8 saucers.

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