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September 6, 2011 2:45

Meet Dave Beeman, who turned a passion for importing rare, authentic vintage furniture, lighting, and collectables into a day job.

They started by making lampshades and restoring vintage lamp stands, “But before long we saw how much amazing furniture there was,” says Dave. “We have been importing from Scandinavia for 6 years and now have multiple suppliers in Denmark as well as some in Germany, Sweden, Norway and Holland.”

Vampt specialises in authentic vintage design, and has one of the largest collections on display anywhere. All pieces are sourced individually and most are rare, so they can’t be easily accessed. Dave explains that the three most important things about design are posture, the look and the craftsmanship. “Good design to me is something I can’t stop thinking about. Since we buy in Scandinavia and Europe, sometimes I will get up in the night and make a phone call to buy something someone has shown me. Then I fall asleep smiling. After 10 years I still see something every week I have never seen before. That’s what drives my passion.”

Dave’s passion is not just about consuming, it involves an ongoing education and consciousness of design.

“Not having access to woods like Brazilian Rosewood means that the mid-century pieces we source will become harder to get and more expensive,” he says. “They can never be copied and with the craftsmanship and individuality of the Danish and Norwegian design, we feel we are providing access to the best furniture ever to exist and are helping people in Australia become more asset-rich for the future.

We love Dave’s quotable quotes: “Why do we make poor furniture when there is so much great furniture already available?”

“Forget the fakes that fall apart and go to landfill. The quality of the originals will be remembered long after the price is forgotten.”

Vampt Vintage Design