Large Letterman Triptych Landscape Trees


“The typical Letterman painting is not a painting at all. Most of them were manufactured (using a silkscreen-like process) in the Far East (China or perhaps the Philipines) during the 1970s and sold at JC Penney stores in the U.S.

Letterman oil “paintings” are a collection of works created to look like original oil paintings. Although there is no single Letterman artist, the paintings themselves are collectible by fans for their place in mid-century Americana.

The original artist was typically a “company man” or woman and therefore not acknowledged. They were contract or salary employees whose work-product became property of the company they worked for. Their work was copied much like a computer graphics image is used (copied) to create T-shirts using multi-colored passes and a silk-screen pattern.

If you compare two similiar paintings, the evidence will be apparent. Right down to the “simulated” brush-strokes possible with silk-screen technology.

One could stand in the isle of Penney’s and choose paintings of the same image from a choice of different sizes and even different color schemes.”

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196cm x 107cm(H)