Expo Mark 2 Sound Chair by Grant Featherston for Aristoc 1967-1970. Restoration included in price.

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Expo Mark 2 Sound Chair by Grant Featherston for Aristoc. Soon to be fully restored, but also available in original condition for $17,800.


The Expo Mark II sound chair is an enduring legacy of Australia’s contribution to the 1967 world exhibition in Montreal, Canada.

The Australian pavilion at Expo 67 included 240 sound chairs from Melbourne-based contemporary furniture designers Grant and Mary Featherston.

The chairs were commissioned by Robin Boyd, who designed the Australian pavilion’s interior and displays at Expo 67. Boyd commissioned the Featherstons to develop a ‘talking chair’ to deliver information about Australia to visitors in seated comfort.

The Mark II sound chair acquired by the National Museum in 2007 was produced between 1967 and 1970. It was adapted for the domestic market from the original Expo chair design by Aristoc Industries.

The sound chair was made by moulding the shell in expanded rigid polystyrene, which was then upholstered in polyurethane foam and wool. The headrest, back and base were constructed in one continuous circular form, with a winged back. A circular seat of polyurethane was set into the base of the frame and two speakers were fitted to the internal shell in the head bolster.

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