Hans Wegner


Hans Wegner (1914-2007) was one of Denmark’s most prolific and productive designers. With a career spanning five decades, he designed more than 1000 pieces of furniture, at least half of them chairs. Although not all were put into production, they are a testament to his dedication to design and his ongoing mission to create furniture that is “perfect to the fullest extent of what is possible.” Staying true to his design intentions, Wegner’s furniture embodies simplicity and grace. He never sacrificed comfort for style; rather he fused both in striking combinations of design and workmanship


Daybed GE258: Wegner, like all the renowned Scandinavians, recognised the value and importance of designing and crafting functional and versatile furniture. He designed the Daybed GE258 to simply and easily convert into a comfortable daybed, as well as providing additional space (in the backrest) for storing the bedding.

L1352 Hans Wegner GE236 3-seater sofaSofa, GE236, 1955

Dining Chair CH33: An original CH33 dining chair is a very rare item to find. Wegner designed the chair in 1957, using a solid wood frame and veneer seat and back, for production by Carl Hansen & Son. Carl Hansen produced it for only ten years – not reintroducing it again until 2012 to mark the 100th anniversary of Wegner’s birth. Like much of Wegner’s work, it is light and graceful yet robust. Rounded, attenuated forms visually connect each part of the chair, and it’s slender, tapering legs belie its sturdy construction. Functionally, it could work as either a dining chair or a sculptural addition to any room.

Cigaren Sofa and Chair GE 240: Wegner’s Cigaren range, which included armchairs, 2 seater and 3 seater sofas produced by Getama Gedsted is aptly named for its cigar shaped-tripod legs. Its rounded, flattened armrests also provide an interesting design element, connecting in a ‘U’ shape around the back of the chair.

Lufthavn (‘Airport’) Chair or Kastrup AP40, 1958

Wegner designed this durable chair especially for Copenhagen airport located in the town of Kastrup – hence the two names for the chair. As the chair needed to withstand persistent use Wegner used stainless steel and leather on a blind frame of solid beech wood. More than fifty years on the Lufthavn Chairs that are still going strong!

Keyhole Rocker GE673: Wegner designed this rocking chair with the ability for it to be easily taken apart and reassembled. While it’s nicknamed the Keyhole Chair for its key-shaped cut-outs in the front posts these actually are more than just visual elements. They also serve as a ‘knock-down’ release for the seat supports. Constructed using stained oak plans and heavy canvas.

Cross-Leg Table AT303: Wegner designed the AT303 Cross-leg table in 1955, produced by Andreas Tuck, to be both elegant and sturdy – as any table should be. Utilising metal stretchers for cross construction he designed a table that is minimalist and light while being strong and robust. Wegner incorporated rounded and tapering legs –flattened at the intersection – that make the table appear to sit lightly on the floor.